Blueberry Hill



Record No


Argentina Brenda ECD 60433 CD
Argentina This Is LTM 9401 LP
Australia This Is FL 30393 LP
Australia This Is E 229 LP
Australia This Is SUP/UP 417 LP
Australia This Is FL7249 LP
Brazil This Is SLP 7968 LP
Canada This Is DL 74082 LP
Chile   11028 45
Chile This Is LTC/SLTC 37301 LP
E.U Classic Album Collection GLD 25481 CD
E.U Four Classic Albums   CD
E.U Little Miss Dynamite 233433 CD
E.U Miss Dynamite LA 1030 LP
E.U Miss Dynamite / Emotions 263417 CD
E.U Seven Classic Albums RGMCD 038 CD
E.U Seven Classic Albums rtrcd 70 cd
E.U Sweet Nothin's MCDLXL 003 CD
France Anthologie CD 991 CD
Germany All The Way 87054/267054 LP
Germany Little Miss Dynamite BCD 15772 DK CD
Germany This Is COPS 2573 LP
Greece Jambalaya 3602184062 CD
Holland All The Way LAT 8383 LP
Holland Rock The Bop RA 436505 CD
Japan   DS 204 45
Japan   SDW 10010 EP
Japan Best 23 Songs Vol 2 35XD 892 CD
Japan Best Collection MVCM 32019/20 CD
Japan Best Collection MVCM 41005/6 CD
Japan Best Hits For You SD 3007 LP
Japan Best Of UICY 8141/2 CD
Japan Best Selection MCA UICY-8048 CD
Japan Favorite Songs SLD 10122 LP
Japan Golden Favorites MCA 7027 LP
Japan Greatest Hits Of MCA 9011/2 LP
Japan Pick Up Artist Vocal 4 AVC 304 CD
Japan Super Hits Brenda Lee & C.Francis WVC 303 CD
Japan Super Selection EVC 304    CD
Japan The Best Of Vol 3 MCA 9044/45 LP
Japan The Versatile DLS 37/8 LP
Japan This Is JDL 2114 10
Japan Vol 1 MP 9219 LP
Mexico This Is DL 74082 LP
N/Zealand This Is FL 7249 LP
Peru This Is DL 4080 LP
Philippines This Is DL 74082 LP
Russia Super Selection   CD
Russia This Is / Emotions   CD
Singapore This Is DL 74082 LP
S/Africa This Is LAT 8360 LP
S/Korea Golden V6 PAL 723 LP
Sweden   BME 9485 EP
Taiwan Favorite Songs SDP 1037 LP
Taiwan My Prayer MXL 1153 LP
UK Brenda Lee Story NOT3CD240 CD
UK Dynamite MOTIF013 CD
UK Fools Rush In PLAY 121 CD
UK I'm Sorry - The Best Of AUPCD2003 CD
UK The Very Best Of DAY2CD199 CD
UK This Is / Emotions CDCHD 1028  CD
UK This Is 710932 CD
UK This Is LAT 8360 LP
Uruguay This Is UDL 9401 LP
USA Brenda Lee MSD 35462 CD
USA Brenda Lee MSM2 35462 LP
USA This Is DL 74082 LP
Venezuela This Is DL 4082 LP