Record No


Argentina Emotions LTM 9406 LP
Australia Emotions FL 30116 LP
Australia Emotions U 782 LP
Brazil Emotions SLP 7974 LP
Canada Emotions DL 74104 LP
Chile Emotions LTC 37312 LP
Colombia Emotions DL 74104 LP
E.E.C Brenda Lee ( Vol 2 ) 4104/4370 CD
E.E.C Hits Albums & Singles Collection GLD 25632 CD
E.E.C Miss Dynamite / Emotions 263417 CD
E.E.C Seven Classic Albums RGMCD 038 CD
Germany Emotions COPS 2536 LP
Germany Little Miss Dynamite BCD 15772 DK CD
Germany Rockin' & Romancin'   CD
Japan   DW 37 EP
Japan Emotions MCL 3014 LP
Japan The End Of The World JDL 2161 10
Mexico Emotions DL 74104 LP
N/Zealand Emotions DL 30.116 LP
Peru Emotions DL4104 LP
Philippines Emotions DL 74104 LP
Russia This Is / Emotions   CD
S/Africa Emotions LAT 3059 LP
Taiwan Emotions LW 256 LP
UK Brenda Lee Story   CD
UK Emotions STA3044 LP
UK Emotions LAT 8376 LP
UK I'm Sorry - The Best Of AUPCD2003 CD
UK This Is / Emotions CDCHD 1028  CD
Uruguay Emotions LTM 9406 LP
USA   ED 2730 EP
USA Emotions DL 74104 LP
USA The Legendary MCD3-37162 CD
Venezuela Emotions DL 4104 LP