My Whole World Is Falling Down



Record No


Argentina By Request   LP
Argentina Cronologia ECD 60427 CD
Australia   FK 405 45
Australia   FX 10748 EP
Australia 32 Unforgettable Songs CC0014 LP
Australia Brenda Lee Story MAP/S 6961 LP
Australia By Request UP/SUP 649 LP
Australia Country Gold COPS 6961 LP
Australia Country Gold RCD314 CD
Australia Country Gold RCD 9014 CD
Australia Emotions PCD 10088 CD
Australia Iím Sorry MARC  858  CD
Australia Little Miss Dynamite, 20 Golden Years HAM 047 LP
Australia Medley Of Hits PACD 065 CD
Australia Miss Dynamite Live 502522 CD
Brazil   DCD 33-15 EP
Brazil By Request SLP 77009 LP
Brazil Greatest Hits Live MP 50 023 CD
Brazil Her Greatest Hits 675 4009 LP
Brazil Her Greatest Hits 22924012-2 CD
Brazil Live Dynamite   CD
Canada   31510 45
Canada By Request DL 74509 LP
Canada Coming On Strong - Live 845 624-2 CD
Canada Her Greatest Hits MCA 4012 LP
Canada Hits & Rarities BIRCHMOUNT 7053 CD
Canada The Best Of TEE VEE TA 1098 LP
Chile Her Greatest Hits MCA 2-4012 LP
Chile Inolvidables   CD
Chile Inolvidables 2   CD
Costa Rica Brenda Lee Story MCA 8.020 LP
Czech Greatest Hits PLATCD 166 CD
Czech Greatest Hits PLATCD 362 CD
Denmark   BM05891 45
Denmark Greatest Hits 10316-2 CD
E.U Brenda Lee 7025 CD
E.U Brenda Lee HM 014 CD
E.U Greatest Hits 10316-2   CD
E.U Iím Sorry LT 5067 CD
E.U In Concert WMCD 5570 CD
E.U. Little Miss Dynamite PLSCD 688 CD
E.U Losing You CD66138 CD
E.U Sing Her Most Beautiful Songs CD 3501 CD
E.U You Donít Have To Say You Love Me 16112CD CD
E.U You Donít Have To Say You Love Me 22581CD CD
E.U You Donít Have To Say You Love Me 50171122 CD
Eire   05891 45
France   10645 EP
France Brenda Lee Story MCA-410-065/066 LP
France The Very Best Of 252 165-1 LP
Germany   12267 45
Germany At Her Best 2X 2011 CD
Germany Anthology 1956 - 1980 MCAd2-10384 CD
Germany Brenda Lee 12 456 CD
Germany By Request 87111/267111 LP
Germany Coming On Strong 3171 CD
Germany Coming On Strong COP 4575 LP
Germany Iím Sorry 112-138 CD
Germany I'm Sorry LT 5067 CD
Germany Iím Sorry WZ 90033 CD
Germany Legends Of Rock ( Vol 2 ) Rare Items COPS 7292-D/1-2 LP
Germany Live Dynamite CPCD 8289-2 CD
Germany Rockin' & Romancin'   CD
Germany The Very Best Of 252 165-1 LP
Germany Yesterdays Pop Scene COPS 4570 LP
Greece   MBD 8060 45
Holland 25th Anniversary 301.624 LP
Holland A Dozen Golden Years BDV 173264 LP
Holland All Time Greatest Hits 5C138.98405.6 LP
Holland All Time Greatest Hits 300 885/6 LP
Holland Brenda Lee HM 014 CD
Holland Brenda Lee KBOX 295 CD
Holland Brenda Lee WB 866602 CD
Holland Brenda Lee - Live GO 905011 CD
Holland I'm Sorry BB 246 CD
Holland Losing You ( Vol 3 ) CD 66138 CD
Holland Sweet Nothinís METRO 403 CD
Holland The Best Of 5C054-95536 LP
Holland The Ultimate Concerts Of The Century HRCD 35 CD
Hong Kong   7-116 45
Israel   EP 248 EP
Italy   12267 45
Italy Collection 11002-2 CD
Japan   DS 310 45
Japan By Request SLD 10137 LP
Japan Her Greatest Hits MCAD 60A016 CD
Japan Her Greatest Hits MCAD4012 CD
Japan Iím Sorry PB 317 CD
Japan In Concert CRLR-80008 L/Disc
Japan Presenting Brenda Lee & Patsy Cline WCD 132 CD
Japan The Best Of Vol 1 MCA 9040/41 LP
Mexico By Request DL 74509 LP
Mexico Concierto Espectacular SSM 415 CD
Mexico Grandes Exitos DE LPI 252 LP
N/Zealand   FK 405 EP
N/Zealand Brenda Lee Story MAP/S 6961 LP
N/Zealand Country Gold ASTLP 2045 LP
Paraguay Let Me Sing/By Request BV 3001 CD
Peru   40015 45
Peru By Request DL 74509 LP
Philippines   DEC 1137 45
Philippines By Request DL 74509 LP
Portugal Brenda Lee Live WMO 90333 CD
Rhodesia   7-7008 45
S/Africa   7-7008 45
S/Africa By Request LAT 8576 LP
S/Africa The Very Best Of LMCD 1 LP
S/Korea The Best Of Brenda Lee - Live   CD
Spain   10735EPB EP
Sweden   05891 45
Sweden   MCS 7296 45
Switz Stereo Singles Collection Vol 1 BBLE 31093 CD
Thailand   ?3 EP
Thailand   KS 036 EP
UK   05891 45
UK 25th Anniversary MCLD 609 LP
UK Brenda Lee APWCD1265 CD
UK By Request STA/LAT 8576 LP
UK Cherish BC 042 CD
UK Cherish GFS 105 CD
UK Coming On Strong MU 5037 CD CD
UK Favourites Live MUCD 9001 CD
UK Her Greatest Hits MCDW 428 LP
UK Legends LECD 058 CD
UK Let Me Sing / By Request CDCHD 1097 CD
UK Little Miss Dynamite CD 6012 CD
UK Little Miss Dynamite PEG CD 054 CD
UK Live Dynamite CPCD 8289-2 CD
UK Sweetest Nothin's NST 120 CD
UK The Best Of CD 6012 CD
UK The Best Of MCBD 19518 CD
UK The Concert Collection PLATCD 166 CD
UK The Very Best Of LEVT 1 LP
UK The Very Best Of Vol 2 DMCL 1714 CD
UK You Donít Have To Say You Love Me 2258 ICD CD
Ukraine The Definitive Collection CD 11 CD
USA   7-34243 EP
USA   9-31510 45
USA   ED 2764 EP
USA 36 All Time Greatest Hits MSD3-37197C CD
USA Anthology 1956 - 1980 MCAD2-10384 CD
USA Brenda Lee - Live 3077-2 CD
USA By Request DL 74509 LP
USA Greatest Hits Live 3077-2 CD
USA Her Greatest Hits MCA 24012 LP
USA Her Greatest Hits MCAD 4012 CD
USA The Best Of TV 1017 LP
USA The Definitive Collection B0004738-02 CD
USA The Legendary MCD3-37162 CD
Venezuela By Request DL 74509 LP