Rusty Bells



Record No


Argentina   DIM 2048 45
Argentina   DIM/E 2670  EP
Australia   DX 11124 EP
Australia   FK 1124 45
Australia Bye Bye Blues DL 31919 LP
Australia Bye Bye Blues SDL 931919 LP
Australia The Good Life MCA LP
Brazil Bye Bye Blues DL 12050 LP
Canada   31849 45
Canada Bye Bye Blues DL 74755 LP
Chile Bye Bye Blues LTC 37357 LP
Denmark   05943 45
Germany   12300 45
Germany Anybody But Me COPS 6584 LP
Germany Rockin' & Romancin' CD
Holland A Dozen Golden Years BDV 173264 LP
Israel   EP 283 EP
Japan   DS 413 45
Japan A Taste Of Honey SDL 10240 LP
Japan Best Of AS-8(DLS-15/16) LP
Japan Bye Bye Blues MCL 3017 LP
Mexico Bye Bye Blues DL 74755 LP
Mexico Bye Bye Blues LPI-75 LP
N/Zealand   DK 1124 EP
N/Zealand Bye Bye Blues SDL 931919 LP
Paraguay The Versatile / Bye Bye Blues BV 3005 CD
Russia Bye Bye Blues / For The First Time   CD
Singapore Bye Bye Blues DL 74755 LP
S/Africa   7-7186 45
S/Korea Best Of TLP 1214-5 LP
Switz Stereo Singles Collection Vol 2 BBLE 31599 CD
Taiwan Bye Bye Blues SWL 1038 LP
UK   05943 45
UK Bye Bye Blues STA/LAT 8649 LP
UK The Good Life MUP/MUPS 322 LP
USA   9-31849 45
USA 22 Legendary Hits MSD 35828 CD
USA 36 All Time Greatest Hits MSD3-37197C CD
USA Bye Bye Blues DL 74755 LP
Venezuela Bye Bye Blues DL 4755 LP