Sweet Nothin's

(Written By Ronnie Self)

Uh Huh, Honey,
All right,

My baby whispers in my ear,
Mm, sweet nothin's,
He knows the things I' /d like to hear,
Mm, sweet nothin's.

Things he wouldn't tell nobody else,
Secret baby, I keep 'em to myself.

Sweet nothin's, mm, sweet nothin's,

We walk along hand in hand
Mm, sweet nothin's.
Yeah, we both understand,
Mm, sweet nothin's

Sitting in classroom trying to read my book,
My baby gives me that special look
Sweet nothin's, mm sweet nothin's.

A-sitting on my front porch,
Mm, sweet nothin's.
Well, do I love you? of course
Mmm, sweet nothin's,

Mama turned on the front porch light,
And said "Come in, darlin' that's enough for tonight".
Sweet nothin's, mm sweet nothin's,
Sweet nothin's, mm sweet nothin's,
Sweet nothin's.

Transcribed by Les Wraight from record sleeve