Eire   45's

05628 I'm Gonna Lasso Santa Claus, Christy Christmas

05685 Love You Till I Die, Dynamite.

05720 Ain't That Love, One Teenager To Another.

05755 Ring-A-My Phone, Little Jonah.

05780 Bill Bailey, Hummin' The Blues Over You.

05819 Sweet Nothin's, Weep No More My Baby.

05823 Let's Jump The Broomstick, Rock A Bye Baby Blues.

05833 I'm Sorry, That's All You Gotta Do.

05839 I Want To Be Wanted, Just A Little.

05847 Emotions, I'm Learning About Love

05849 You Can Depend On Me, It's Never Too Late.

05854 Dum Dum, Eventually.

05860 Fool No 1, Anybody But Me.

05864 Break It To Me Gently, So Deep.

05867 Speak To Me Pretty, Lover Come Back To Me.

05871 Here Comes That Feeling, Everybody Loves Me But You.

05876 It Started All Over Again, Heart In Hand

05880 Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree, Papa Noel

05882 All Alone Am I, Save All Your Lovin' For Me.

05886 Losing You, He's So Heavenly.

05891 I Wonder, My Whole World Is Falling Down.

05896 Sweet Impossible You, The Grass Is Greener

05899 As Usual, Lonely Lonely Lonely Me

05903 Think, The Waiting Game

05911 Alone With You, My Dreams.

05915 Is It True, What'd I Say.

05921 Christmas Will Be Just Another Lonely Day, Winter Wonderland.

05927 Thanks A Lot, Just Behind The Rainbow.

05933 Truly Truly True, I Still Miss Someone.

05936 Too Many Rivers, No One.


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