Crazy Talk



Record No


Argentina Emotions LTM 9406 LP
Argentina Letís Jump The Broomstick 6841 LP
Argentina Letís Jump The Broomstick MCAB 5035 LP
Australia Emotions FL 30116 LP
Australia Emotions U 782 LP
Brazil   DCD 33-1 EP
Brazil Emotions SLP 7974 LP
Canada Emotions DL 74104 LP
Canada Hits & Rarities BIRCHMOUNT 7053 CD
Chile Emotions LTC 37312 LP
Colombia Emotions DL 74104 LP
E.E.C Brenda Lee ( Vol 2 ) 4104/4370 CD
E.E.C Hits Albums & Singles Collection GLD 25632 CD
E.E.C Miss Dynamite / Emotions 263417 CD
E.E.C Seven Classic Albums RGMCD 038 CD
E.E.C The Absolutely Essential Collection BT 3175 CD
France Anthologie CD 991 CD
Germany NB12991 45
Germany All The Way 87054/267054 LP
Germany Emotions COPS 2536 LP
Germany Little Miss Dynamite BCD 15772 DK CD
Germany Rocks BCD 16686 AR CD
Holland All The Way LAT 8383 LP
Japan Emotions MCL 3014 LP
Mexico Emotions DL 74104 LP
N/Zealand Emotions DL 30.116 LP
Peru D 396 45
Peru Emotions DL4104 LP
Philippines 4104-1 78
Philippines Emotions DL 74104 LP
Russia The EP Collection PN 452 CD
Russia This Is / Emotions CD
S/Africa Emotions LAT 3059 LP
Taiwan Emotions LW 256 LP
Thailand ?1 EP
Thailand 70 EP
Thailand NC 666 LP
Thailand MTR 9 EP
UK Emotions STA3044 LP
UK Emotions LAT 8376 LP
UK Emotions 717202 CD
UK I'm Sorry - The Best Of AUPCD2003 CD
UK Queen Of Rock ĎNí Roll CDCHD 1222 CD
UK The EP Collection SEECD 425 CD
UK This Is / Emotions CDCHD 1028  CD
Ukraine The Best JRC 01301 CD
Uruguay Emotions LTM 9406 LP
USA Emotions DL 74104 LP
Venezuela Emotions DL 4104 LP