I Want To Be Wanted



Record No


Argentina Brenda ECD 60433 CD
Argentina Let’s Jump The Broomstick 6841 LP
Argentina This Is LTM 9401 LP
Australia   FK 3156 45
Australia   FX 10258 EP
Australia   FX 10403 EP
Australia   FX 5171 EP
Australia Brenda Lee Story MAP/S 6961 LP
Australia Coming On Strong CD-PLAT-339 CD
Australia Country Gold COPS 6961 LP
Australia Country Gold RCD 9014 CD
Australia Country Gold RCD314 CD
Australia Emotions PCD 10088 CD
Australia Little Miss Dynamite, 20 Golden Years HAM 047 LP
Australia This Is E 229 LP
Australia This Is FL 30393 LP
Australia This Is FL7249 LP
Australia This Is SUP/UP 417 LP
Brazil Her Greatest Hits 675 4009 LP
Brazil Her Greatest Hits 22924012-2 CD
Brazil This Is SLP 7968 LP
Canada   31149 45
Canada   ED 2695 EP
Canada American Darling   CD
Canada Her Greatest Hits MCA 4012 LP
Canada Hits & Rarities BIRCHMOUNT 7053 CD
Canada The Best Of TEE VEE TA 1098 LP
Canada The Collection MEG2-50697 CD
Canada This Is DL 74082 LP
Chile   11027 45
Chile Her Greatest Hits MCA 2-4012 LP
Chile This Is LTC/SLTC 37301 LP
China Little Miss Dynamite ALE 210055 CD
Costa Rica Brenda Lee Story MCA 8.020 LP
Czech Here Comes That Feeling JASCD 906 CD
Denmark   BM05839 45
E.E.C Classic 112 256-2 CD
E.E.C Classic Album Collection GLD 25481 CD
E.E.C Four Classic Albums   CD
E.E.C Greastest Hits PLATCD 1433 CD
E.E.C Live In Japan   CD
E.E.C Losing You CD66138 CD
E.E.C Hits Albums & Singles Collection GLD 25632 CD
E.E.C Little Miss Dynamite 233433 CD
E.E.C Seven Classic Albums RGMCD 038 CD
E.U Sweet Nothin's MCDLXL 003 CD
E.E.C The Absolutely Essential Collection BT 3175 CD
E.U The Essential Recordings PRMCD 6163 CD
Eire   05839 45
France   10189 EP
France Anthologie CD 991 CD
France Brenda Lee Story MCA 410 065/066 LP
France Miss Dynamite 3930860 CD
Germany   10189EPB EP
Germany   12223 45
Germany 28 Golden Melodies 301387 LP
Germany 50 Classic Tracks PGD CD 116 CD
Germany Anybody But Me COPS 6584 LP
Germany Brenda Lee 12 456 CD
Germany Little Miss Dynamite BCD 15772 DK CD
Germany Little Miss Dynamite BCD 15772 DK CD
Germany Star Gold MCA 0082 057 LP
Germany Sweet Nothin's CD CRB 534 CD
Germany The Original ( Vol 2 ) COPS 0042 041 LP
Germany This Is COPS 2573 LP
Greece Jambalaya 3602184062 CD
Holland 25th Anniversary 301.624 LP
Holland All Time Greatest Hits 5C138.98405.6 LP
Holland All Time Greatest Hits 300 885/6 LP
Holland Losing You ( Vol 3 ) CD 66138 CD
Holland Rock The Bop RA 436505 CD
Italy   EPB 10189 EP
Italy   SP 50242 45
Japan   DS 197 45
Japan Best 23 Songs Vol 2 35XD 892 CD
Japan Best Of UICY 8141/2 CD
Japan Best Of Best GEC 021 CD
Japan Best Selection MCA UICY-8048 CD
Japan Best Selection UICY 6258 CD
Japan Big Artist Selection GX 437 CD
Japan Brenda Lee AC 1032 CD
Japan Dynamite EX 3050 CD
Japan Her Greatest Hits MCAD 60A016 CD
Japan Her Greatest Hits MCAD4012 CD
Japan Hits Hi Lite SLD 10130 LP
Japan Live In Japan CD4M 7003 LP
Japan Live In Japan MCA 10034 LP
Japan Live In Japan VIM 10021 LP
Japan Special Collection GRN 70    CD
Japan Sweet Nothin's CRB 534 CD
Japan The Brenda Lee Story MCA 9178/9 LP
Japan The Great Jazz Artist Series OB 3026 CD
Japan This Is JDL 2114 10
Mexico   9-31149 45
Mexico This Is DL 74082 LP
N/Zealand   FK 3156 45
N/Zealand   FX 10258 EP
N/Zealand   FX 10403 EP
N/Zealand Brenda Lee Story MAP/S 6961   LP
N/Zealand Country Gold ASTLP 2045 LP
N/Zealand This Is FL 7249 LP
Peru   392 45
Peru This Is DL 4080 LP
Philippines   31149 78
Philippines This Is DL 74082 LP
Russia Star Series 26 LS 3373 CD
Russia This Is / Emotions   CD
Singapore This Is DL 74082 LP
S/Africa   FM 6787 78
S/Africa This Is LAT 8360 LP
Spain   10189EPB EP
Sweden   BME 9483 EP
Taiwan Hits Hi Lite HS 242 LP
Thailand   NC 666 LP
UK   05839 45
UK 25th Anniversary MCLD 609 LP
UK Brenda Lee Story NOT3CD240 CD
UK Dynamite MOTIF013 CD
UK Her Greatest Hits MCDW 428 LP
UK I'm Sorry - The Best Of AUPCD2003 CD
UK Little Miss Dynamite WW 5083 LP
UK The Complete US & UK Singles ADDCD3109 CD
UK The Very Best Of DAY2CD199 CD
UK The Very Best Of With Love TCD 2738 CD
UK This Is / Emotions CDCHD 1028  CD
UK This Is 710932 CD
UK This Is LAT 8360 LP
Ukraine The Definitive Collection CD 11 CD
Uruguay This Is UDL 9401 LP
USA   34986 LLP 277 EP
USA   60069 45
USA   9-31149 45
USA   COL 90221 45
USA   ED 2695 EP
USA   ED 2695 EP CD
USA 16 Greatest Hits 5927 CD
USA 21 All Time Greatest Hits BLCD9-2-2 CD
USA 22 Legendary Hits MSD 35828 CD
USA 36 All Time Greatest Hits MSD3-37197C CD
USA All Time Favorite & Songs Of Faith WWRDC05111x CD
USA Anthology 1956 - 1980 MCAD2-10384 CD
USA Brenda Lee MSD 35462 CD
USA Brenda Lee MSM2 35462 LP
USA Country 88883709632 CD
USA Country Music Legends CBUJ 0652 CD
USA Greatest Country Songs D2-78865 CD
USA Her Greatest Hits MCA 24012 LP
USA Her Greatest Hits MCAD 4012 CD
USA Hits Collection   CD
USA Little Miss Dynamite ALE 220017 CD
USA The Best Of MCAD 70107 CD
USA The Best Of TV 1017 LP
USA The Definitive Collection B0004738-02 CD
USA The Legendary MCD3-37162 CD
USA The Very Best Of MSD 36052 CD
USA The Very Best Of “Timeless” SHM 1105-4 CD
USA This Is DL 74082 LP
Venezuela This Is DL 4082 LP