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Record No


Argentina   DIM/E 2670 EP
Argentina Cronologia ECD 60427 CD
Australia   DX 11026 EP
Australia   FK 854 45
Australia Brenda Lee Story MAP/S 6961 LP
Australia Country Gold COPS 6961 LP
Australia Country Gold RCD 9014 CD
Australia Country Gold RCD314 CD
Australia Top Teen Hits DL 31643 LP
Austria Legends & Heroes TELLY 52 CD
Brazil Her Greatest Hits 675 4009 LP
Brazil Her Greatest Hits 22924012-2 CD
Brazil Top Teen Hits DL 12003 LP
Bulgaria   BTM 6302 EP
Canada   31728 45
Canada Her Greatest Hits MCA 4012 LP
Canada Top Teen Hits DL 74626 LP
Chile Her Greatest Hits MCA 2-4012 LP
Costa Rica Brenda Lee Story MCA 8.020 LP
Denmark   05927 45
Eire   05927 45
France   10665 EP
France Brenda Lee Story MCA 410 065/066 LP
Germany   12292 45
Germany Rockin' & Romancin' CD
Germany Top Teen Hits 87118/267118 LP
Holland All Time Greatest Hits 5C138.98405.6 LP
Holland All Time Greatest Hits 300 885/6 LP
Hong Kong 7-131 45
Israel Top Teen Hits AN 68 06 LP
Japan   DS 384 45
Japan   SDW 10073 EP
Japan Her Greatest Hits MCAD 60A016 CD
Japan Her Greatest Hits MCAD4012 CD
Japan One Rainy Night In Tokyo SDL 10188 LP
Japan The Brenda Lee Story MCA 9178/9 LP
Mexico Top Teen Hits DL 74626 LP
N/Zealand FK 854 EP
N/Zealand Brenda Lee Story MAP/S 6961 LP
N/Zealand Country Gold ASTLP 2045 LP
N/Zealand Top Teen Hits DL 31.643 LP
Russia The EP Collection PN 452 CD
S/Africa Top Teen Hits LAT 8603 LP
Spain 10748EPB EP
UK 05927 45
UK Her Greatest Hits MCDW 428 LP
UK Legends & Heroes TELLY 52 LP
UK Little Miss Dynamite WW 5083 LP
UK The EP Collection SEECD 425 CD
UK Top Teen Hits STA/LAT 8603 LP
USA   7-34293 EP
USA   9-31728 45
USA ED 2801 EP
USA Her Greatest Hits MCA 24012 LP
USA Her Greatest Hits MCAD 4012 CD
USA Top Teen Hits DL 74626 LP
Venezuela Top Teen Hits DL 4626 LP