Now He's Coming Home

( Written by Steve Gibbs )

Well, here he comes,
The plane is on the runway,
And it's right on time
It's been so long since he left me here
To make it on my own
And then he called,
He said his life was empty and he's sorry now.
He's changed his mind.
He tells me that he still loves me like he always did,
And now he's coming home

And now I see him smiling
And he's waving as he steps upon the runway
Yes, I can see him running now.
And I can hear him calling out my name
The tears are falling in my eyes,
Cause now I have to find a way to tell him
That I couldn't wait forever.
And I made a new life with another man

Well, here he comes, the man I loved,
But grew tired of waiting for
He stayed away,
And I just couldn't stand to be alone
I'll never know just why he left me here,
And I still love him so
But now it's done,
I couldn't wait forever and I wish I had
Cause now he's coming home

Yes, here he comes, yes here he comes
No, I couldn't wait forever and I wish I had,
cause now he's - coming home
Well, here he comes

Transcribed for me by Sussie Davis