( Written Mickey Newbury )

Do the sailor still cast their fate to the wind
Are the villains in black hats, are the hero's in white
Are there sod hoping rock and rolling Saturday nights
Would a '55 Chevvi, still be out of sight
That was the way it was then

I was like Natalie, you were James Dean

Slow walking, soft talking, silently mean
Surely the Rebel in me lives again
But without a cause to the old call again
I'm lying here in bed
Spinning that old memory thing in my head

The times were so good
The songs were so sad
It a game we would play
Feeling good, feeling bad

There's a boy I remember
Now what was his name
We loved all night
In the pouring the rain
Well maybe ten minutes
The time flew by
It will never be that way again

I was like Natalie, and you were James Dean

Transcribed by Les Wraight