Too Little Time

( Written by H.Liebling - M.Hamilton )

Too little time to know if it's the real thing, too little time
I'm not gonna rush love this time, not this time
When you fall in love too fast then it doesn't last
I have learned it from the past, yes it's been just too little time
 We hardly learn each other
Our little thoughts, we need to show each other
That take time, ought to really get acquainted before you love
Know a thing or two about the one you love

I am hoping that it will happen that this is real
But I know that it won't happen if we take too little time
Better not try to rush love, let's take the time
Cause each time I try to rush love, love has flown
And I'm just alone and lonely too long a time
And the reason why is simply too little time
Too little time, too little time

Transcribed by Les Wraight from record sleeve